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Community Impact Day – September

Our Community Impact Days are a church highlight with hundreds of volunteers coming out to help families referred to us by Social Services all around our community.

On our 3rd Community Impact Day for 2012, the weather was perfect, the families were expectant and the volunteers were ready to go!

With over 70 homes to visit, there were so many needs to be met including gardens needing attention, holes in walls to be fixed, weatherboards to replace on a home, tap washers to be replaced, light fittings to be repaired, windows to be washed and walls painted. Plus…we delivered amazing food hampers to all the homes we visited!

Church it was such an action packed day with 17 trailer loads of rubbish being picked up all over Auckland!

You are truly amazing, you have helped and touched so many lives, this is reflected in the thank you letters and cards that are coming in daily in appreciation of your good works.

Check out the promo and some of the amazing photos of the day!

Sept 2012 1 Sept 2012 2 Sept 2012 3 Sept 2012 4


Community Impact Day – May

Our second Community Impact Day for 2012 was amazing. You came out in droves and we took to the streets to make a difference in people lives and our community. You are amazing church, walking the talk in expressing God’s love practically. Our community once again is well and truly IMPACTED.

Check out the promo and some of the amazing photos of the day!

May 2012 1 May 2012 2 May 2012 3  May 2012 4 



First Community Impact Day for 2012!

Our first Community Impact Day for 2012 was absolutely incredible!

We mobilised over 450 volunteers into over 40 different homes all over Auckland, we had such an awesome day impacting our community and touching so many lives.

What a blessing it is to help those in need, well done City Impact Church you truly are amazing!

Check out the promo and some of the amazing photos of the day!

March 2012 1 March 2012 2March 2012 3 March 2012 4




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