Organisation Testimonials

“Joy Warrior – def.  ‘At any given moment a Joy Warrior is ready to leap into action, recognise a need and respond.

We are incredibly grateful for the continued, awesome support we receive from you all at Community Impact and the wonderful amount of pyjamas and blankets and items you donated for the families we work alongside.  City Impact is a big part of our beautiful community of Joy Warriors who make a real difference for our families.

Our social workers share with us how much it means to the families who receive the pyjamas and blankets. “We get to see the happiness on the kid’s faces and the relief for the parents knowing their children will be warm when they go to bed that night – Thank you!”

Family Start client Martine shared with us; “It is really awesome to be able to give my kids new pyjamas and blankets.  I want to say a big thank you to everyone who gave pyjamas and blankets to help families like ours“.

Sharing this incredible journey with our families with a true and authentic heart is what it’s all about.  Thank you again for understanding the needs of our vulnerable families, for seeing the joy-gap and leaping into action to fill it.  We and our families are so grateful you ‘get it’.”
Judy Matai’a – Chief Executive – ATWC.  June 2017


“It was wonderful to receive all the amazing items you brought with you from your church members.  The wonderful new kids pajamas were wonderful to see.  Sadly, we know that some of our children are still living in cold homes with very little heating being used, because of the cost.  These lovely warm PJs will make such a difference, and I am sure that each child will be thrilled to receive them, especially as they are brand new.  Hand-me-downs are wonderful but brand new – well that is something special.

We have decided to give one pack of the delightful new toddler booties you gave us, to each of our new Mums.  As we know keeping a baby’s feet warm, helps keep the baby warm, and I am sure they will be a lovely surprise to our new Mums.

The hand knitted items including the scarves are lovely, and I know every child who receives one will feel warm and snugly in it, and will know that someone cared enough to spend the time to knit it.

The kindness and generosity of your parishioners is once again overwhelming and very much appreciated.  It is Christians like you, who make our sometimes cold world so much warmer.  Each person who donated items, has placed a smile on the faces of those less fortunate.  So on behalf of every person who receives one of the items you have bestowed, a very grateful thank you‘.”
Vicky Baker – Executive Officer – Panama Road School.  June 2017


“A big thank you to your volunteers for the wonderful work that they do on the City Impact Volunteer Days. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
Diane Hampton – Field Worker – Multiple Sclerosis Auckland.  June 2017


“What an amazing day you had in spite of the weather! Well done to you all. Thank you for your work with my clients and all the other families you helped this time. We are really grateful for the great community outreach your church provides. Again our sincere thanks to yourselves and all your volunteers.”
Marian Kane – Parent Support – IOSIS.  March 2017


“Thank you so much for your support.  I was visiting my client and she showed me the cleared section which is so improved. It will now be so much easier for her to maintain. She spoke very highly about your team members, their work and their very friendly and positive approach to her and the work.”
Vivienne Theobald – Social Worker – Community Child Health and Disability Service – Starship Children’s Health ADHB.  March 2017


“Many thanks for all the hard work and willingness your happy band of volunteers did on your Community Day. Our Glenfield CMA members were delighted with the work they accomplished. Once again, thank you all very much for the wonderful work you do for the people who need, and appreciate it.”
Thelma Broom – Supervisor – Glenfield CMA.  March 2017


“I spoke with my client, he was so impressed, and appreciative of what your team has done for him. He told me he didn’t think the team would show because of the heavy rain so was pleasantly surprised when everyone arrived. He also told me that now he feels he can go out into his yard and hopes to be out with the mower soon.  Once again I cannot thank your team enough on behalf of the families, your work in the community is invaluable to those who need a helping hand.”
Gladys Hakaraia – Social Worker – Te Hononga.  March 2017


“This is amazing work you guys do for the community and HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY.  The weather was unbelievable in the weekend and all you can see is smiling faces incredible. Thanks so much.”
Margaret –  Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.  March 2017


“On behalf of the Waitemata DHB I would like to thank you for organising all the amazing volunteers that came out to both North Shore Hospital & Waitakere Hospital on Saturday.  They all have done an amazing job and with the volume of volunteers at North Shore Hospital we were able to decorate ward 4 & the Specialist Care Baby Unit as well as the front foyer! Staff were delighted with this extra support.”
David Price – Director of Patient Experience – WDHB.  November 2016


“Just to say I have had lovely feedback about the Christmas boxes you delivered! My families have been overwhelmed by the kindness.  Thank you.”
Kerri Sheehan – Child & Family North – WDHB.  November 2016


“Thank you very, very much to you and the blessed City Impact Church for the wonderful presents for the families.  They were real blessings for all of the families, thank you so much for spreading Chrismas joy and cheer with them. I thank the Lord for the wonderful service you and City Impact Church have done.  May the Lord and His Kind blessings bless you and your family and all the wonderful people at the City Impact Church.”
Sharon Liava’a – Practitioner – Odyssey.  November 2016


“Thank you so much for the Christmas presents for our families. They are beautifully wrapped. Please pass are sincere thanks and gratitude to your team for organising this amazing project.”
Gloria Finau – Health Promotion Facilitator – ADHB.  November 2016


“Just a few of the many comments we received at Grandparents Raising Grandchildren:

  • A very big thank you to Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and The City Impact Church for everything your organisations do to make the children and Grandparent feel important, your kindness and support is incredibly overwhelming. Thank you for your support.
  • THANK YOU City Impact Church. WOW!!!!. So lucky are we. xxx
  • Had a sleep in and awoke to a team calling at the gate which was locked, fantastic way to start a difficult day. We were blessed. Thank you.
  • Had to leave after team just arrived. I got home at 2pm and simply could not believe my eyes as to how clean and empty the garage was. WOW have not seen it like that in 30 years. Fantastic effort and very pleased the kids found some things they wanted. You are stars!!!!!!!

On behalf of all GRG’s THANK YOU and God bless you all. Xxx”
Diane Vivian – Executive Director – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.  November 2016


“Wow!  How can we thank you enough.  What you did for our school last weekend was absolutely amazing.  In such a short space of time, you gave so many parts of the school a facelift and freshen up.  Everyone was totally blown away when they arrived on Monday and discovered one thing after the other, what had been done.  To top it all off, we then feasted all week on all the lovely cakes and biscuits you left for us.  Knowing that there are others in the community who care and are compassionate and committed enough to do something practical to support us gives us all a lift.  You not only made things look better, but the impact was so positive on the staff and students knowing that there are people out there that care.  Thank you so much, you are all awesome!”
Elaine, Staff, Students and BOT – New River Primary, Invercargill.  September 2016


“Thank you so much once again for assisting Eunice. I saw the place today and it really looks so good…..and the deck….I must admit I was so impressed!!! You are a real blessing by channelling the generosity of our Father to our Eunice with your open hands just the same as His OPEN hands never cease to generously pour blessings onto us!!!! Thank you for being His diligent servants may you enjoy the fruit of your seeds.”
Sanet Engelbrecht – Glenfield Community Ministries – Salvation Army.  September 2016


“Your volunteers did a great job and thank you for all of the support that you give our service, it is much appreciated.”
Skye Wilson – Shift Coordinator – Beach Haven Connect Support Recovery.  September 2016


“Thank you for bringing that touch of joy to my client’s household.  She is extremely over the top. She said her words are not enough to express what she is feeling. When you worked on her property, and delivered the blankets along with other items, she reflects that you did over and beyond her expectation. She is truly thankful, she hopes that each helping hand that stepped foot onto her property, is blessed in return.”
Teresa Corry – Social Worker – Family Start Manukau.  June 2016


“A big thank you to your team, who did a beautiful job painting my client’s cupboard doors. It has transformed her kitchen, and she is delighted with the end result.”
Louise Morum – Social Worker – Connect Support Recovery.  June 2016


“Thank You for helping this family.  I went to visit them last week and the kids were so pleased to have sheets and blankets on their beds. Particularly the 3 year old who loved his new duvet! Thank you.”
Louise Thompson – Social Worker – WDHB.  June 2016


“A heartfelt thank you for giving my client and her family a hand – she was so grateful for all the help. The environment is so much cleaner and safer (just visited this morning) and I know she really appreciated all that was done – plus the donation of a quality cot for the baby.”
Philippa Clark – Parent Educator – Barnardos.  June 2016


“The contribution from everyone at City Impact Church towards ATWC’s 2015 Christmas Present Appeal helped make it our most successful yet. There was a resounding “Woohoooo” expressed on Christmas day. Over 500 vulnerable families across Auckland were able to experience Christmas joy, thanks to your big hearted support.  Sharing this incredible journey with our families with a true and authentic heart is what it’s all about. Thank you all for understanding the needs of our vulnerable families, for seeing the joy-gap and filling it. We and our families are so grateful you “get it”.”
Judy Matai’a – Chief Executive – ATWC.  January 2016


“We wish to thank you and your organisation for the wonderful Christmas support that was provided to this agency to help local families in this community.  The families that received this support were totally overwhelmed and overjoyed – tears were shed on a number of occasions.  Some families advised that this has made a huge difference to their Christmas, as they had not been in position to provide gifts for their children. One particular client stated ‘we are lucky to live in such a caring community’.  Once again thank you for your fantastic support for the families we provide our services to throughout the year.”
Jill Patterson – Social Worker – STEPSforward (formerly Hibiscus Coast Family Services).  January 2016


“Thank you so much for the wonderful presents from City Impact Church that were delivered to my members. They were absolutely thrilled. Ron was also thrilled at the job your volunteers did in his garden as well. You are a wonderful bunch of people who make such a difference to people with a chronic illness such as Multiple Sclerosis.”
Diane Hampton – Field Worker (North Shore) – Multiple Sclerosis Auckland.  December 2015 


“Thank you so much for all you do for our school and for supporting our students and their families.”
Colleen Margison – Principal – Panama Road School.  December 2015 


“Thank you for the support you offer our grandparents.  You do an amazing job.  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.”
Sonia Cope – HBC Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren.  December 2015 


“This morning, we have heard from a couple of people that received gifts from you over the weekend.  They were delighted and so appreciative.  I would like to thank you, on behalf of our clients that you gave these gifts to. This is a wonderful service. I hope you all have a safe and Happy Christmas.”
Trevor – Age Concern (Rodney).  December 2015 


“A big thank you to you and your amazing crew for putting up the decorations at both Waitakere and North Shore hospitals on Saturday.  You are all so awesome!!!!  I have had great feedback from the staff saying how amazing your volunteers were and I have had lots of comments about how great the decorations look. We couldn’t have done it without your army of volunteers and are, as ever, very grateful that you choose to support us in this way!”
Angela Vircavs – Well Foundation.  December 2015 


“A huge huge thank you to you, your organisation and the wonderful helpers that were here to deliver the presents on the weekend. It was really emotional when I was talking with them because I know exactly what these gifts will mean to the families. To see the joy in the parents and the kids faces was priceless. Thank you so much for everything, to see the work and love that went into providing such amazing gifts was absolutely humbling.”
Runnitty Peteru – School Community Liaison/Mutukaroa Co-ordinator – Panama Road School. December 2015 


“Thanks heaps to you guys!!! I’m always blown away by the good things City Impact does for my community – from the Community Impact Day where you help those in need, to this annual Christmas Box initiative – I can tell you the boxes will be so well received, and can’t thank you guys enough”
Joseph Liava’a – Community Manager – East Tamaki Healthcare.  October 2015 


“Thank you so much for all the hard work that your team did on Saturday. I thank God for this. Please thank Bryan for his awesome leadership and skills. His generosity in donating 16 bags of quick set when we ran out. God bless him. The artist with his amazing talents. In that short time he was able to do 3 pieces of fine artwork. Everyone just loved them. The ladies who did the weeding – thank you. The kids were thrilled to see a new playground. They ran to others to call them to come and see their new play ground. So thank God for the compassion your team has to reach out to others in need. God Bless!!”
Norma – Bailey Road School.  September 2015 


photo 4

“We wish to thank you and your fellow parishioners very much for the wonderful items you brought into us last week.  The vibrant colours of the crocheted blankets and knitted bootees make you feel warm just looking at them.  We will keep a couple of the blankets for our sick bay and the others will be given out to some of our families.  Sadly some of the houses in our community were built before insulation was a prerequisite, and thus the homes are very cold. So these will help keep little bodies nice and warm and snug.  We give out the bootees to our students to wear in class which seems to work really well.  The shoulder bags have a wonderful Pasifika flavour, and I know will be very much appreciated by their recipients.  We will be giving them out to the students as prizes, which will be great for them when they go to their school swimming lessons, sports trips etc.  Thank you all once again for thinking of our school and our community.  It makes a great deal of positive difference when we know that others care about us and try to help improve our situation.”
Colleen Margison – Principal – Panama Road School.  August 2015 


“I want to thank you for the wonderful support and aroha that you’ve given to this whanau with the gift of warmth through the blankets that you have delivered to them.  I’m sure the tamariki appreciated the extra warmth last night when they hopped into bed. Thank you again for your community spirit and support.”
Ema Tovia – Care & Protection Social Worker – Child Youth and Family. August 2015 


“Thank you so much for your support of this family.  Please advise Mary-Kath of my appreciation for her warm and swift response to my plea for support.”
Ngarimu Waru Social Worker in Schools  – Te Tai Awa O Te Ora. August 2015 


“On behalf of the Anglican Trust for Women I would like to thank you very much for the absolutely beautiful Christmas boxes donated.  Christmas is such a tough time of the year for many families in our communities and your continued support is valued greatly by our organisation.”
Philip Beilby – Chief Executie – ATWC. December 2014 


“I am writing to say a huge thank you for your Community Impact Day at North Shore Hospital. Your volunteers have done an excellent job and have made such a difference and the gardens look so much better after their visit.”
Trudy Price – North Shore Hospital Foundation. May 2014


“I have just arrived back at work after a much needed break. I do want to thank you and City Impact for the wonderful work. As you may already know, any support with our whanau’s is much appreciated and I just want to say a massive Thank you to you and your team.”
Tracy Pickering – Family Start Social Worker – ATWC. July 2014


“A huge thank you to all involved with the project Community Impact, to the families who came in droves to uplift our whanau and to give a new lease on their dreams and aspirations and also who made the whanau realise that there are such wonderful things out there and that they can happen to them too.
The Tamariki are so proud of their new rooms; it’s like moving into a new home from a house that never felt like a home, the dining room table is the focus point of the home.  The main points the whanau really talked about was the great sense of feeling more in control of their lives, being able to see past the chaos of things that they saw everyday, the home smells amazing and looks amazing.”
Tracey Thompson – ProCARE. May 2014


“I am so pleased and happy for the help that City Impact Church extended to Candy. May you be blessed hundred fold. Thank you very much and God bless!”
Louely Biso – ATWC; Anglican Trust for Women and Children. May 2014


“Many thanks, and I am deeply grateful for the wonderful community spirit that City Impact are providing to people in the community.”
Tracey McLean – Taikura Trust. May 2014


“I wanted to say thank you to you and your volunteers for the amazing work that you’ve done for Ellamein. I spoke to her on the phone afterwards and she was over the moon with what you and City Impact Church members have done for her and her family. Thank you very much – it’s greatly appreciated!”
Jessica Clark – Barnardos Family Support Team.  Mar 2014


“Thanks so much to you and your team for the work you did at my clients home (Lilly) in Clendon. She was so appreciative and your team did a fantastic job.  The work you guys are doing in the community is awesome – thank you! Have a great day and God bless.”
Masina Crawley-Reid – ATWC; Anglican Trust for Women and Children.  Mar 2014




“On behalf of the Anglican Trust for Women and Children I would like to thank you very much for all your wonderful Christmas boxes that you very kindly donated to us. These boxes will certainly make many of our families happy on Christmas day.  We are so very grateful to you for your goodwill and generosity. You help us to make a real difference”
Philip Beilby – Anglican Trust for Women and Children.  Dec 2013


“On behalf of the Foundations for Learning team, Anglican Trust for Women and Children, and the families that we work with, we would like to thank you for your kind donation to our organisation.
Your contribution has made a wonderful difference to the families and their children.
We would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and holiday season, and thank you for supporting your community with your generosity.
Masina Crawley-Reid & all the Family Support Coordinators – Foundations for Learning.  Dec 2013


“Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas boxes. I have delivered them to all my clients and they are absolutely thrilled and wanted me to thank you on their behalf. Bless you and your volunteers”
Diane Hampton – Multiple Sclerosis Auckland.  Dec 2013


“Thank you so so much for those very generous parcels at Christmas they were well received. One of my support workers who delivered one got hugged almost to death!!!
I got a lovely thank you card from the solo dad and his children, he was speechless when he picked it up.
So once again thank you so much and look forward to working with you next year.”
Debbie Craddock – Victim Support North Shore.  Dec 2013

ComImp_ContentImages_20  ComImp_ContentImages_13

“I am writing to thank you and your incredible, gracious team for the work you all did on Saturday August 24th 2013. The amount of cleaning, sorting, gardening and water-blasting that was carried out was beyond our hopes and what is more it was done with love, compassion and good cheer.
To be part of this effort was humbling and for Cassia it has taken an enormous strain off her shoulders. It was a joy to work alongside your team and we will always be grateful for your help and support.”
Lisa Fe’ao – The Salvation Army Albany Bays Corps.  Sept 2013


Thank you to you and your team of volunteers who cam sand tidied up one of our residential properties several weeks ago in late March.  We are so grateful and appreciative of the hard-work that went into making our section look great!  I wish we had taken before and after photos, as the difference was huge.  Due to funding constraints we had been unable to manage this task ourselves.  What a fantastic practical service you offer the community.  Some of our staff were aware of the help you had given to some of their clients in the community but it was really informative for the other staff, to have the opportunity to find out about this service directly.  Many thanks again.
Jude – NS Support Staff, Shine.  May 2013


“You have such a neat group of volunteers.  There was such a  lovely vibe on Saturday; people were excited to be part of the clean up project! On behalf of Hak and the team of support workers for Hak,  a big thank you to each and every person, who gave their valuable time and came along on Saturday, to help clear Hak’s overgrown garden. We appreciate each person’s contribution to make it possible for Hak to get some control of his garden. In his own way, he is very grateful for people caring about him. We will continue to encourage and support Hak to clean up of his home. Please know that all your support for Hak made a huge difference!”
Louise Morum – Connect Supporting Recovery.  


“Hi City Impact, I just would like to thank you again for the work you did today for Hak. I was with him for three hours this morning while you people transformed his environment. I know he will never forget this, and the rest of Auckland need to know that you do this. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and witness Jesus working through you. Thank you.”
Tim Biggs – Connect Supporting Recovery


“Anahera text me over the weekend to say that “the Christian group mowed her lawns” and to say “ me and the kids had an awesome day.” Also the Christian Group also provided lunch.” I would like to commend you and Impact Church and say well done!
It is this act of kindness that helps people to believe there is hope for them. My experience with most of the families I support is when their immediate needs are being addressed, it is then they are more willing to open the door to explore new ideas and opportunities that will better their way of life.”
Cecilia Tamati – Social Worker Anglican Trust for Women & Children


“I am struggling for words to describe City Impact Church. What they do for us every couple of months. A group of fix it, lovely people who are such a joy to have come to our homes and do whatever needs doing, it is Christianity at work.”
Lorraine – Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren


This is to say many thanks for the work your volunteers carried out for our guests at the Birkenhead and Glenfield CMA clubs. They were very happy with the work and enjoyed the friendliness of the volunteers.”
Thelma – Co-ordinator CMA


“WOW.. What a change…the air seemed cleaner and lighter. Vincent was sooo proud of his room, his new bed and mattress and duvet. His room was immaculate. He took great pleasure in showing us how he could make his bed, and all his clothes were folded away in his drawers.
And…For the first time in months and months…he stayed in his bed all night. Which is a huge achievement!
It’s a great start to build a new routine from, so can you please pass on our thank you’s to the volunteers over the weekend.”
Claire Jones – Senior Allied Health Practitioner – Social Work Child and Family Service Rodney Waitemata DHB

ComImp_ContentImages_05 ComImp_ContentImages_12

“Thanks so much for organising the volunteers to help decorate North Shore Hospital this weekend. They were wonderful and the wards look fabulous.
Please thank your volunteers from all of us at North Shore Hospital for their enthusiasm and hard work.”
Liesbeth – Health Foundation, North Shore Hospital, Waitemata District Health Board


“Thank you so much for all the incredible hard but valuable work you have done in the past and are still doing now for grandparents and their treasured grandchildren.”
Gabrielle and Kerry Buchanan – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren


“On behalf of victim support and the “youngons” from Kiri Place. Thank you so much for your help.”
Rosey & Deidre – Victim Support


“Your gift boxes meant so much to our patients and with your kind thoughtful gifts you showed us “the true spirit of Christmas.” Thank you. God bless you all.”
Staff on Ward 15 – North Shore Hospital


“What a delightful pleasure it was to receive the gifts the families from your Church have given to families at De Paul House, I can just imagine the look on a child’s face when he or she is handed their gift!
We really appreciate your peoples’ thoughtfulness and generosity. It is wonderful to see the Christian faith so actively involved in the message of Christmas.”
Lorraine Owens – Residence and Resource Co-ordinator, De Paul House


“It’s the time of year when people ‘give’ to others, but you wonderful people give all the year round, we simply cannot express our most heartfelt thanks for all the work you did for us. It made a huge difference to the moral of our staff and our many visitors are amazed when we tell them of the time and effort you all put into help us. We will never forget the things you have done for us and can only say once more a big THANK YOU!!!”
Alan Denton – HBC Parent Aid Family Services


“I would like to thank you and your Parishioners for the ongoing help and support your Church has been affording us. Words just do not seem adequate for what we feel. I must make special mention of Mary-Kath of who we have all come to love. The resounding message that keeps coming back is – I just love having people from City Impact Church come around. They are just so cheerful and loving. One Gran said she was going to grow another blade of grass, just so she could have those lovely people around again.”
Lorraine Brooke-Anderson, Chairperson Funding Co-ordinator, Hibiscus Coast Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren Inc.  Jul 2009


“On behalf of the Salvation Army North Shore Community Ministries, we want to thank the leaders and congregation of City Impact Church for the donation of canned and packaged foodstuffs to our food bank on 20th March 2010. Our ability to provide assistance to those in need in our local community is significantly enhanced by the contributions of community groups and individuals such as yourselves.”
Marjorie Peterson – The Salvation Army

ComImp_ContentImages_13 ComImp_ContentImages_20

“Your team were so efficient, so good, well organised and not slap happy! Thank you for the work done and the thoughtful gifts.”
Liz Watkins – Co-ordinator Housing for Older People Community Liason


“City Impact Church, with the energy of Mary-Kath, has organised all manner of help for these grandparents. City Impact Church has sent out teams of wonderful people to do whatever jobs would best benefit these needy people including painting, section clearing, house repairs…Anything that needs doing…No job has been too big or too difficult. The teams are truly awesome and our Grandparents cannot praise them and their work highly enough. And neither can I. I also have to recognise Mary-Kath’s hand in this endeavour. These people are true humanitarians and their continued work every week demands the deepest possible recognition. Mere words are not sufficient.”
Bonnie Williams – North Shore Co-ordinator, Grandparents Raising Grandchilden


“A very big thank you on behalf of the North Shore Widows and Widowers for your help to Patricia, Lois and Olive. It was much appreciated.”
Judith – North Shore Widows & Widowers


“I would like to thank you and your team for the magnificent work you did for us and for the families that we support.  We appreciate the time and efforts involved and hope our organisations can work together again in the near future.”
Berneece Tait – Director of Fairy Godmothers Inc Ltd


“Torbay Plunket would like to thank you and your team for doing such a fabulous job of painting the clinic. We have had many comments on how fresh it looks. Once again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy Saturday morning’s to support Torbay Plunket. We greatly appreciate it.”
Anita Quensell – Torbay Plunket Nurse

ComImp_ContentImages_18 ComImp_ContentImages_24

“Please pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who donate their time and effort in cleaning the various areas and equipment within the Emergency Care Centre. The staff are still talking about how festive the morning was and how they enjoyed having everyone here. I think the muffins played a big part also. When I returned to work on the Monday following your working bee, I could immediately see the effect on the overall cleanliness of the department. This feeling was repeated amongst the staff who were not on shift on Saturday.
In a busy emergency department it is often the things that affect the many that are first looked at. In our case it is obvious that the cleaning of the department is just not adequate. So please know that by doing this for us you have made a huge difference to both patients who spend time with us and the staff who care for them. Once again please pass on my appreciation to all those who gave of their time.”
Di Bratton – Emergency Department North Shore Hospital


“Thank you for very much for all those involved in the outdoor work done at our Kindergarten, especially in the cold wet weather. It is very much appreciated and we thank you again for your gracious efforts.”
Sera Jane – Secretary Taiaotea Kindergarten


“Doctors and staff are wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year. Thank you so much for the hospitality that you’ve shown to the poor & needy in our Community. They appreciate it very much. May the Good Lord continue to Bless your families in this time of the year.”
Doctors & Staff – Bairds Rd Family & Christian Health Centre


“Thank you so much for taking on the task of cleaning the homes of our clients here at Beach Haven. I do not work weekends, but I couldn’t wait until Monday and went to the houses on Saturday. Everything looked so shiny and clean! The clients were very appreciative of the work that the volunteers did.Please thank the whole team who came on Saturday – their efforts are much appreciated. A lot of work went into getting everything done in a short period of time.”
Raksha Rughani, Team Leader (secondment), Beach Haven Connect SR


“The security light stopped us getting burgled by an intruder in the middle of the night last week…the light went on at the back porch, dogs roused…and intruder fled via fence. Alongside fence the intruder disturbed a pile of wood, as he was fleeing.
This confirmed in the morning…that someone was actually in the yard and fled. Luckily we had the back porch bolted also, as we heard the door being tried.
Please THANK the electricians immensely! Lots of love to you all…”
Danielle – Whanau Island Child Charitable Trust New Zealand

ComImp_ContentImages_10 ComImp_ContentImages_02

“I am so grateful for City Impact, they did a marvelous job, thank you.”
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren


“We have had the church members do several working bees for various areas of the DHB in the past and they have always been prompt, reliable and hard working – showing fantastic results…”
Michelle Kidd – Fundraising Executive, South Auckland Health Foundation


“Talofa lava Mary-Kath, hope all is well with you, your family and the wonderful work you do for our community. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all that you have contributed towards the needs of our families in Mangere. You have made a difference in the lives of the families that we serve in Mangere area. Thank you once again and may God bless you and the work you do for our people and our community.”
Sina Mauigoa – Social Worker, Mangere East Family Services Centre, Based at Mangere East Primary School


“Thankyou for bringing in the clothes. They will be able to help over 7 families, which is awesome!”
Rachel Wakefield – Social Worker, Glen Innes Family Centre


“It was so lovely to come into work today and find two lovely and appreciative emails on my computer from Manukau SuperClinic and Botany Maternity Unit; both expressing how thrilled they are with the work that was undertaken by your volunteer teams on Saturday.
With the Health dollar stretched so tight, we don’t often have the resources to give areas such as gardening quite the time and attention they need. It is still important though to have these areas looking nice to help uplift the spirits of hospital visitors and patients.
Your teams have done a wonderful job of making these facilities so much nicer – thank you. Behind the scenes volunteers, like you, are really what make New Zealand a nicer place. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Michelle Kidd – Executive Fundraiser, South Auckland Health Foundation, Middlemore Hospital

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