Personal Testimonials

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job on our bushes, on our front boundary, that your church members did for us. What a lovely surprise it was to come home and see our place looking so good. We did not expect you to be able to do the job, due to the terrible weather that weekend. We cannot do the work ourselves, due to injuries. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful people, in our community, and really appreciated the job done, so we cannot thank you enough.”
Gary & Sharon 


“I’d just like to say a big thank to you and your team and the wonderful amazing super stars from City Impact Church that came and made an IMPACT on me and my home. It’s such a great thing you are doing.”


“Thank you so much to the lovely group who came to our home yesterday morning.  They did a fabulous job and were super people.  I am very grateful for their help and giving of their own time. Thank you and God bless.”


“Thank you very much to you and your community team. We really appreciated them cleaning our windows, which has become a really hard job for us now.  The team who came were absolutely fantastic and we couldn’t have wished for nicer people.  Thank you again.”


“I really just want to say how much I appreciated the help given to me last Saturday when your lovely group of folk came to give me some of their precious time and skills to help me in my garden.  Thank you so much to everybody who took some part in the venture to help me, sharing some of their time and skills with me.


“Thank you to the crew, you did a beautiful job, I was so blown away by it all.  First night with my new curtains and wow they were amazing.  Thank you so much for everything, I hugely appreciate the help and effort everyone went to.  It’s been hard for me to accept help along the way but I’m slowly getting better at it. Lots of love to you all.


Thank you so much to you and all the wonderful people who came around on Saturday. They did a fabulous job and I felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as they did so much work. I really can’t express how grateful I am.”


“Thank you so much for sending the team out to me last Saturday, I have been truly blessed.  My windows are sparkling and the garden is greatly improved.  Irene and her band of warriors arrived with huge smiles which really set the tone for the morning.  To accept that I need help has been a hard lesson for me to learn, but one made easier because of the people who did what was needed with such love and care. Thank you God and all at City Impact for blessing me in my hour of need, I am so grateful.”


“I have never heard happy laughter and know it’s church.  I have never felt this kind of love from any community groups.  I am overwhelmed.”


“Today has been one of the best days ever. I’m still walking around with a big smile on my face. I’ve never had such kindness in all my life. Thank you all so very very much. The fact that you all gave up your precious time and energy to help someone you don’t even know has restored my faith in knowing there are still some really good people out there. My section looks absolutely fantastic. The kids have much more room to run around, I can actually see my footpath to the clothes line, what used to be a jungle is now flat land, my fences look so much tidier without the weeds growing up them and we can sit under our trees now without the branches sticking in our head. I’d also like to say a very special thank you to the kids that came along to help. Your parents must be so proud. I know I would be.  Once again, from the bottom of my heart Thank You to everyone involved. That was over 3 years growth and you plucked it all away in just a couple of hours. Impressive teamwork guys and a whole lot of love. You’re the best. Love Karen.”


“I just want to thank you so much for organising your helpers to clean the outside of my kitchen window and the surrounding walls, they made a fantastic job and it was just too high for me to get to.  Also thank you so so much for the Christmas box of goodies, it bought me to tears, I was overwhelmed with the kindness that you all gave.  I was going to wait until Christmas to open my box but couldn’t wait.  Ha ha, everything is just perfect, please thank everyone who helped out, and a Merry Christmas to you all.”


“Just a note to thank the lovely lady and gentleman for the lovely job of washing my windows.  Lovely to meet you all.  You are very kind for doing what you do for us all.”
Joy & Kirsten 


“Thank you for arranging for Michael to help me by painting my long fence and for my lovely Christmas gift. God Bless you all.”


“We would just like to say a big thank you to your Church Volunteers who turned up here on Saturday. They did an amazing job in our garden. Such lovely people who made this an easy makeover. It was lovely of them to pray for our family as we raise our 15 year old Grandson, this past 10 years. Bob has just had a back operation and has not been able to keep up with the garden. Many Thanks God Bless you all.”
Liz & Bob


“I am writing to say a big thank you for your lovely team of people that came and helped me on Saturday. The team were friendly kind and willing to help me in anyway they could. I was so thankful for them giving up their own time to help me. They were even kind enough to leave the left overs of their morning tea for my boys.  Once again a big thank you and take care.  God Bless you all.”


“We want to thank you most sincerely for everything you did.  We cannot believe the help you gave us – something we could never achieve so quickly.  We trust the crew know how very much we appreciated all their hard work. May every kindness you share with the world find its way back to you.”
Maureen & John


“Thank you so much for our gifts we received at Christmas.  We are so blown away by your kindness and generosity.  There are not enough words to express our gratitude.  God Bless you all!”
Aroha, Tino, Nui 


“I wish to say thank you for the lovely gift parcel delivered to me by Glenys from City Impact Church.  It gave me great joy to meet her. Thank you all so much.”

“To the secret family at City Impact Church who sent me a parcel for Christmas, I just wanted to say a big thank you so very much.  Quite unexpected and a lovely surprise.  Christmas wishes to you all.”


“A big thank you to City Impact Church for thinking of us Grandma’s, a “big” “big” thank you to Julie & Irene, my windows look so clean. God bless you”
Joy & Kristen


“With our heartfelt thanks for sending helpers to us on Saturday 24th May, it was a joy to meet such beautiful people and who did such a wonderful work in our house.  God bless you all”
Margaret, Karen & Lisa 


“Just wanted to email you about your wonderful volunteers who helped me this morning, They were the nicest energetic people I have ever met, so happy to help in my time of need. It’s like a fresh start!!! They made my dream come true.. organising and sorting the garage so my daughter can have a safe dry place to play this winter, my daughter loves it (been wanting to do this for 2 years). I can’t say thanks enough, they did a FANTASTIC job, even washing outdoor toys to be put in the garage, tidying the garden and thoroughly cleaning my house and re decorating the lounge and they did it all with smiley faces and positive attitudes. I hope you don’t have to do to much editing, I was a little nervous around the camera Pastor Peter and Bev made time in their day to come meet me. Thank you”


“I’m sitting on my wonderfully repaired deck smelling the surprise load of firewood. A truly heart felt thank you to all who came to lift, cut, nail, carry, sweep, fix, smile and organise and take rotten wood away. Not only does a job get done, but helps restore my faith in people and is a reminder that there are good people out there. And today they were on my door step. With the pain I carry for the death of my daughter, and the pain and torture of her not being here, I felt some sun shining today. Thank you so very much for all your time and grace.


“A very sincere thanks from the residents of Preston Court for your fantastic help on Saturday 1st of March 2014.  Wishing you only good things”
Signed by all the residents at Preston Court 


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“Just another big heartfelt thanks for your lovely team that have become kind of like family to me… they prayed for us, tidied up the garden and helped me clean windows but more importantly just lovely to have here. I value you all so much!!!
Love & blessings, Paulin


“Thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful hard work you did in our section. May God bless each one of you, children too, with His Holy Spirit as you continue to do His holy will. You are in our daily prayers, with our heartfelt love”
Margaret, Karen & Lisa


“Your giving and caring nature is very welcome at this time of year. Thank you very much.”
Grandma of Kristen


“Thank you so much for the Christmas box that helped me out over the Christmas period. It was very much appreciated at a time of need. I wish you and your team a very happy New Year.”


“To the three lovely people who delivered 2 boxes of wonderful things for us for Christmas thank you so much! I was a bit speechless on the day! That morning the washing machine stopped working and I had thought not another big bill before Christmas so the loving thoughts that these gifts represent just helped remind me that God is there. We felt blessed, thank you.”
Jan & Rhiana 


“I am so blessed to have had the help from your wonderful team of such friendly warm people. I felt like it was like having family with me. I thoroughly enjoyed building relationships and I found it really encouraging to share some time with such positive down to earth people. Your support both practically and emotionally is very much appreciated.”

Community Impact in Action Community Impact in Action

“Thank you so much for the work your team did here that I just couldn’t do myself. I have macular degeneration and will eventually go blind. This means that what you see I can’t, and I am unable to see any detail. So thanks, it was so appreciated.”


“This is a big THANK YOU to the wonderful people that offered their time and expertise yesterday. And painted my grandson’s bedroom and the toilet.  I am truly humbled by your generosity of the huge food parcel.”
Judy – Grandparent


“Thanks so much to Mary Kath, Vanessa and Phil and everybody who came out and lent a helping hand to our family, you guys were awesome and were such a blessing.”
Jo White – A Mother Helped


“To our Fantastic team of volunteers from City Impact Church. We can’t begin to thank you all enough for giving up your time to help our family today. It really means to much to us and eases us of a few less stresses! Thankyou for your kindness.”
Tracey, Duncan, Bethany, Lewis and Jake (A Family Helped)


“What a lovely surprise you all gave me for Christmas. All these happy faces at my door, the gifts are lovely and shall all be put to good use as they are everything that I needed. I hope you all have a very happy and peaceful Christmas.”
Larna Owens

Community Impact in Action Community Impact in Action

“Would you please thank the kind people who sent me the lovely homemade biscuits yesterday, very much appreciated. I also again would like to thank the gardeners who made the garden look very clean and tidy again. Again my thanks to one and all.”
Dawn Snell


“I had the good fortune on the 20th March to have a team of your parishioners to renovate my garden. They were delightful people. They did a wonderful job, cleaning out weeds, rubbish around the trees and trimming overgrown shrubs. It will be easier now to keep my garden tidy.”
Yvonne Estcourt


“It is with much appreciation that the Pretorius family thank you all for the 2 teams who have made such a difference to our lives. This group of caring people have cleaned our entire house up and cleaned our entire garden too. Help like this received from the church has given us hope.”
David Pretorius


“Your great team moved into our retirement village and did some wonderful jobs that the elderly can no longer do. They were all pleasant and did us a great service. A wonderful outreach you are providing.”
Arthur & Barbara Hemming


“We as a family would like to express our deepest gratitude for the amazing efforts this past weekend of your outreach teams. We are blown away that of all the homes on the North Shore that these wonderful people knocked on my Dad’s front door. Being an elderly widower, living on his own, we know how blessed he was to have such practical help around the house, not to mention the blessing of enjoying the company of these four lovely people for the afternoon.  It’s as though the light has been turned on – we have heard nothing else but praise and gratitude for these beautiful people and the blessing they have been to him. He feels so blessed by God’s love for him.  We just wanted to pass on our deepest thanks to you all for the amazing difference you continue to make in the lives of people in your community.”
Karen, Brian, Janlyn and Julianne Falconer

Community Impact in Action Community Impact in Action

“Thankyou once again for your input by way of “Summer Harvest” team visiting our camping families. Your activities in the woolshed across the road and your tea, coffee, milo and sausage sizzles were enjoyed by people of all ages. Representing the joy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ on a free and voluntary basis, you lead by example. We promote family values, and your presence assisted in this outcome. You are the future leaders of our nation.”
John Green


“I’m writing to thank the lovely members of your Church, especially Mary-Kath and the wonderful young men who came to our rescue and cleared our overgrown garden for us. We were at the stage where we didn’t know where to start, but George has now built retaining walls and we have begun replanting. A big thank you also to the ladies who send the delicious cup cakes for our morning tea. An especially big thank you to Mary-Kath for her kindness and concern and her interest in Jordan. Also for Antony for giving up a Sunday Afternoon and showing George around his friends beautiful tropical garden at Paremoremo in the pouring rain. We are truly grateful for all your help and kind thoughts.”
Gaynor Pearce


“Thank you very much for all your help in moving lovely Dawn here. Nice to be with family again.”
Ann Halliday


“Thank you to all your groups for helping us out. We appreciate it so much. Your groups are miracle workers.”   Krystal and Faye


“With many thanks to the group for all their help in the garden. Looks great.”
Lois Smith

Community Impact in Action Community Impact in Action

“Thank you so much! For painting our rumpus and all your hard work all done with fabulous smiles. You lit up our home with your presence and we appreciate it so much. What a great bunch of people you are.”
Ross, Shiree, Jack and Sam Lawson


“Thank you so much for the wonderful job your members did on my car. They washed, polished, shone until it looks like new! I’m thrilled to bits; and what a lovely group of people.”
Patricia Davies


“I just wanted to acknowledge everyone that helped out cleaning around my garden on Saturday and give a mega thank you to you all. It was fun and great to see the kids enjoy everyone’s willingness and happiness to help us out. We had a hugely successful day and it lifted a weight off my shoulders knowing that it is one less thing to think about. And like I said to you, it has totally transformed the place. I was also blown away to receive a gift – of yummy cookies – how utterly humbling when I should have been the one to give a gift of thanks. Please convey our gratitude to everyone. Also, we were buzzing after church on Sunday night. I didn’t sleep for 2 nights so I’m not sure that I can cope with that much stimulation!! Thanks for rallying people to meet us, the kids were super enthusiastic and keen to go again next Sunday – Josh said last night out of the blue “Are we going on Sunday?” and I said “what to” and then he pointed to the poster he put on the wall and I said “sure we’ll go” so I trust we’ll see you at the party.”
Marge, Josh & Courtney


“Thank you so much for coming to help us on Saturday. We were overwhelmed (in a good way) at how so many people were willing to give up their time on such a rainy day, to help people they don’t even know. Thank you for your kindness.”
Carol & Stephen Meyer


“I can’t thank you enough for sending a wonderful group to my home to wash the edges of my walls / ceiling. They did far more than I expected – washed the whole walls and in my bathroom as well as kitchen and lounge. They are also the nicest people ever. I had a fabulous time with them.”
Julie Whitehouse

Community Impact in Action Community Impact in Action

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